2015 Kinnegad via Lough Erin


2015 was a great run.  It had everyting for a perfect day on a motorcycle.  Good company, great Irish roads and dry warm weather.  What more could you ask for.  Breakfast was super in St. Ita’s Special School and everyone was optomistic about the run

Stage 1 Monaghan 60 miles 1h15m  Twisties from the word go

Drogheda, Anagassan, Dundalk, Carrickmacross, Ballybay, Monaghan

The Ballymakenny road to Annagassan starts of with a series of tight blind corners typical of Irish country roads.  After a couple of miles the road cools off and there are some long stretches and straights bring you to the viking sea village of Annagassan.

Dundalk to Carrikcmacross is an awesome road of twists and turns crossing the river Fane heading to drumlin country.  Carrickmacross to Monaghan town via Ballybay is one of the great unknown roads of motorcycling.  Briskly tipping accross this road at 80 to 100 kph is a treat.

Check point in Monaghan was amusing because the Coasters set off early and were last to arrive because they decided to take the direct route but got lost on the way.  Lesson for the day is follow the route card.

Stage 2 Blacklion

Leaving Monaghan on the Clones road and heading for Rossleigh starts with three miles of bends before the junction to Rossleigh.  Then its another three miles of bends with drumlins adding the rollercoaster dimention to the road.  The quiet road to Lisniskea is brisk and quiet interspersed with some straight bits.  Crossing the Erin river at Carrybridge is a beautiful road and it continues on to Florencecourt site of the National Trust house and gardens.  On then to Blacklion has some tricky patches that go through woodland and cross narrow bridges that need great care.

Monaghan Rossleigh, Lisnaskea, Blacklion

Stage 3

Glangelvin  Awesome twisty road over the Bellavally Gap.  Recommend road for bikers.  Then head for Ballinamore for lunch and continure on to Carrick on Shannon.



Section 4

Head out the Dublin road and after 3 miles take the R201 signpost for Mohill.  Towns from there on are Carrigallen, Killashandra, Crossdowney, Ballanagh, Kilnaleck to Finnea.  These are Letrim and Cavan roads at their best.  Quiet country roads that call for high levels of road craft.  Bends followed by more bends through the wetlands.  They make hay here in their wellingtons.

Carrick on Shannon to Finea though the wetlands of Leitrim & Cavan

Section 5

To Rochfordbridge 31 miles easy run through the midlands to Mullingar.  The ring road around Mullingar can cause confusion and bikes approached Rochefordbridge from different directions.  Our checkpoint was confusing because there was no sign of him at the location and he was quietly drinking coffee and didnt make himself know to us.  We had to find him.

Finnea, Mullingar, Rochefordbridge


Stage 6

Last leg into Kinnegad was a dawdle.  Check point was Harrys Hotel Kinnegad.  There was an enormous cock up over the reservation as the hotel had forgotten about us.  They made best endevours,nshuffel rooms and managed to squeese us all in.  Food was great and so were the staff.  There was entertainment in the bar and the riders enjoyed themselves immensely.


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