2014 The road to Wicklow

For the first time The Run Of The Country headed south of Dublin into Co. Wicklow .

I set off without my check point documents and had to return to Drogheda.  I missed the first 4 checkpoints and joined the run in Kildavin.  It didn’t bother me in the slightest as I had scouted the route in order to ensure its feasability.

On top of Slieve Bloom mountains

Weather for the run was perfect dry and warm.  Some of the roads were challenging but over all the event was a great success.    All the riders assembled at St Ita’s Special school had a great breakfast and headed out onto the great motorcycling roads of Ireland.


Stage 1

Drogheda, Donore, (L1601 & L1600) Navan, (R161) Trim (R161), Kinnegad  (R161).  67K time 1 hour.

Drogheda, Donore, Navan, Trim, Kinnegad.

Route notes

  • Road to Navan is a country road with no road markings.  Gently ease your way into the run.
  • Navan to Trim is a cruse.  Take care for speed checks entering Trim.
  • Trim to Kinnegad is a very tight technical run.  Could be one of the worst or best roads of the day depending on what you are looking for on a day out on a motorbike.


Stage 2

Kinnegad, Edenderry (R401) Killane, Kiloneen, Daingean, Ballingar Tullamore (R420) Kinnity (R421)  80k time 1hour 10min

Kinnegad, Edgewordstown, Tullamore, Kinnity.

Route notes

  • Road to Edenderry is another challenging road.
  • Edenderry to Tullamore is good for long sweeping bends.
  • The N52 is the ring road around Tullamore and if you follow it you will get the turn off to Kinnity
  • Note  Fill up with petrol in Tullamore if you need to as there are no filling stations in Kinnity.


Stage 3

Kinnity, (R440) Mountrath, Borris in Ossory,(R445) Rathdowney (R435 & R433)

Kithnnity, Mountrath (over the mountain) Borris in Ossery, Rathdowney

Route Notes

  • Now you are in for a treat.  This is a mountain road so take your time and enjoy the views.
  • From Mountrath follow the old Limerick road to Borris in Ossory.  Big road to cruse down.
  • Back on the twists again to Rathdowney on the R435
Jimmy Kennedy

Stage 4

Rathdowney Abbyleix (R433)  Swan, Newtown, Killeshin, Carlow (R430) Leighlinbridge, Bagenalstown (R448 & R724) Fennagh Myshall, Kildavin (R724)  100k time 1h 30m

Rathdowney, Carlow Town, Leighlinbridge, Kildavin

Route Notes

  • Carlow is a disaster if you take the ring road.  Follow the signs for centre of the town and then follow signposts for Waterford & Kilkenny.
  • Bagenalstown  After you leave Bagenalstown there are a few very tight bends on the R724.


Stage 5

Kildavin, Buncloady (N80), Carnew, Aughrim, (R746 & R725 & R748 & R747) Ballinclash (R753) Rathdrum (R752)  60k time 40min.

Kildavin, Buncloady, Carnew, Aughrim, Rathdrum

Route notes

  • Carnew is a long street and when you come near the end of it watch out for the left turn.
  • You could miss the turn to Aughrim.  Watch out for the left turn into the town over a bridge.
  • Dont go into Rathdrum town.  Just follow the road down the hill and the check point is on the left.

Stage 6

Rathdrum, Rathnew (R752) Wicklow (R750)  13k time 10min.

Rathdrum, Wicklow

Accomodation The Grand Hotel Wicklow.

Everyone arrived safely after a great day on the bikes.  The weather improved as the day went on and it was warm sun shine in the end.

Accommodation was good and the food was great.  Unfortunately the bikers were fussy eaters and did not like the high class food with sauces.  Turned their noses up they did.  `It was unfortunate because the good was wonderful.  Too rich for the chaps.  It didn’t really bother them too much.  The disco across the road was a hit and the residents lounge also did a great trade from the bikers.  Another successful run.

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