Vantastival June 2019

It’s blowing hard. There is a tent tied to a post nearby. The wind took it from its tentative moorings. It nearly polaxed an innocent soul. Fortunately it was caught by a kindly camper and attached to a post. It has passed redemption and is devastated now. The awning on the caravan across the way could be a kite at any moment. The sun is peeping through and there are spits of rain while half a rainbow is adding colour to the grey sky.

Typical holiday weekend weather for Ireland. It’s day three of Vantastival. Children of all ages are here. I don’t think anybody here is grown up, considering the get up of everyone. This is a family friendly music festival.

Amy Montgomery
Amy Montgomery

Vantastival is drawing to its climax now. Sharon Shannon is raising the roof of the main stage tent and there are three more acts to go.

How can I fit all these acts in. Oh so many choices an so little time.

Vantastival cider
Rosco Flanigan

Wallis Bird

The Bubble Sisters
The Burma

Red ale settling

Twisted Sisters

I’ve enjoyed Vantastival. It has been a super music festival. On the go for 10 years now. My favorite performances were Amy Montgomery, Wallis Bird and Twisted Sisters. Kelso from Dundalk and The Highlife from Drogheda were great too. Somebody said to me recently that listening to new music keeps you young. I need to think about that one. Going to music festivals certainly helps

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