Do you know that Goats are milked at 05:15. Well that’s when the machinery starts to hum. It woke me up, so I rolled over in my nice clean sheets and dozed for half an hour. I thought I must see how it’s done.

Noses in the trough and udders presented. No bother to these ladies.

Made my own breakfast boiled egg and tea. Lovely malt bread with mandatory ham and cheese. My own Barry’s tea of course. None of that foreign stuff. Hope I’ve enough to last.

On the toad, to the nearest petrol station. It is positioned at the junction in Holten. Self service. Ok. Put in my new N26 card into the slot. It was sanctioned. No bother so let’s go. It cost €13.65. Ok. I pressed the stop button on the screen and replaced the nozzles. Shouldn’t have pressed the stop button. I get a jingle on my phone. The kind people in N26 told me I had been debited €125. A bit of a shock. Checking the receipt it said €13.65. Of course there is no attendant at a self service. There is a garage next door. Clean as a whistle of course. These Dutch chappies. A young man with excellent English helped my blood pressure. We reckoned it would sort itself out on the reconciliation at the end of the day. Keep the receipt though there a phone number on it.

Well the sun was shining. I felt like the thick Mick let loose on the continent. Eejit prize for me today.

Full tank and onwards to Hamburg to get a wet suit. Motorway was good today. Cruised along nicely, no stress.

Had a rest after about an hour

Grumpy old man

Next petrol stop I got fuel without any glitches. The nice German girl let me tap my nice new N26 card and my phone tingles near my heart letting me know I’ve spent money.

Looked at the chain and I thought it a bit dry, not that I’m good at that sort of thing but had a look anyway. Think I’ll put some oil in the Scotoiler. Unpacked the sausage bag took off the saddle then poked around and found the oil. Pocked some more and found the special pipe needed and got the job done. Put 50cl of oil into the Scotoiler.

It’s mid day I’m hot and then decide to take some clothes off and the lining out of the gear. Another major task.

Back into the service station and €0.70 to have a pee, remove all my clothes and take out the linings.

Not far to Hamburg. Off I go in search of a bike shop in the second largest city in Germany. There must be one somewhere?

Hot and grumpy looking at the main train station in the center of Hamburg. Google maps is your only man.

Now this is a bike gear shop. If you are ever stuck for ear plugs or a helmet this is the spot. Should be calling Aladdin’s Motorcycle Gear Cave. Rows and stacks of stuff.

Got my gear thanks to N26 and a little tinging near my heart again as my phone app tells me i’m spending money.  It folds up really small the wet suit does. It just about fits into the top box.

Just beside the bike gear shop is this busy street food shop. All the bikers have curried bratwurst and chips. A local speciality. It hit the spot. I love mayo in my chips.

Had a great chat with the locals. Heading to Nordkapp are you 3000km from here. Good chap.

Next stop Lubeck ancient capital of the Handestic Lesgue

My house in Lubeck

It was thundering and lightning as I drove into the city for a look around.

Lovely old city. Glad I took the time to look around it. The bike is great just cruise up and down. Not sure about parking on the footpath. I got some quare looks from the locals.

2 thoughts on “N26

  1. There you go & brexit is just around the corner , let’s hope Boris has a plan.
    Lookin good so far Michael,
    Weather should be improving.


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