Oriental Twist

70kph is a really awkward speed limit. It fits nowhere in any sane persons driving spectrum. Unfortunately it seems to a little bit of a favorite up here in Norway. Mind you they have a speed restriction for every 10kph from 20kph up to the max of 100kph on the motorway. My friend Brendan Halpin told me speeding is up there with murder as a crime here. My friend Mr TomTom is banging away in my ear all day trying to keep me out of prison.

There are a warren of tunnels under Oslo and I haven’t cracked them. I was up and down all over the city yesterday and couldn’t make any sense of where I was going. This morning I was at the same craic. Mr TomTom doesn’t do so well underground either.


This morning was a beautiful sunny day. On the tarmac early,  straight into Monday morning traffic. I was now acutely aware of the temperature gage. If traffic keeps moving slowly, then no issues with the fan.

It was a spectacular morning to set off on my adventures north. After 35km  I bid the motorway good bye and onto the highway.

It’s been a great day on the bike. The scenery today was a vision to behold. The sun beaming down on green fields, pine forests, lakes and mountains. Glenveigh in Co. Donegal goes on for 20 kilometers. Up here it goes on for 360 kilometers. That’s how much I’ve driven today. For the last 70 kilometers it’s been fjords. Although when I came down from the snow topped mountains the weather broke and I did the wet suit jig again.

Funny incident today was a big tourist from China wanted a photo of my motorcycle, then one with me and then I offered to let him sit on the bike. It was Chinese New Year. He hugged me shook my hand 6 times. The I bowed and he bowed. We had a jolly good time.

There must be something over in Asia about touring on motorcycles. When I stopped to photograph a suspension bridge the tour from Taiwan were up to the same stuff. They wanted photos with the bike. No bother to me. Where you from? They asked me. At least they had a some English. The Chinese was all pointing and smiling. When I set off all the Taiwanese gave me a big wave. I tooted my horn thinking I got the horn to work.

I have been under ground today more than I have ever been. In Oslo the traffic moves under the city. Up here on the fjords the bore tunnels. Very informatively they tell you how long the tunnel will be. Twelve kilometers was the longest today.

5 thoughts on “Oriental Twist

  1. Whoa Michael, that was some day. Scenery looks fantastic! Selfie stick is working 😆. A 12km tunnel sounds a long way to travel underground. Keep the photos coming. Looking forward to the next instalment…


  2. Happy Solstice Michael … dawn at my house is beautiful but I’m sure you are in pole position to enjoy it’s wonder, have a great one 👍


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