Brotherhood of Bikers

I found lovely camping a few kilometers outside Lom. It appears to be a wee additional income for people in the country. This was a little farm that had 4 huts for rental also camping and Motor homes with a toilet and shower block. In Oslo I paid €35 per night to pitch my tent. Here in Lom €10.

It was good to get the tent up and it wasn’t raining. I cooked my dinner and slept well.

Next morning was dry. Should I put the lining back in my biker trousers? I mulled it over and decided to put them in. A good decision. I ate my muesli packed the tent and started the trip north.

The sun came out and after 50km I was on the E6 heading north. The road heads over a range of mountains Dovretell. I was delighted to have the lining in the gear. It was cold.

Down into Oppdal where Svi and I got into conversation. She advised me to go out to the Lofoten islands. She asked was I going to Bobø today? This of course put a thought in my head. The weather was super and the going was good. Should I try to make it all in one day ?

There is a trick the petrol stations have here if you buy one of their mugs you get free coffee for a year. They have you bought into their franchise of course. It costs €30. A cup of coffee at a service station is €7. So after 4 coffee you are in profit.

I got one for Circle K and there were no service stations were I was driving. The E6 has loads so I’m in the free coffee zone now.

Past Trondheim and still going well. I try to follow the locals because the know how to do the maximum speed and get away with it. The E6 is the main road north.

By 6:00 I was tired and got into a camp site in Brekkvasselv. Tent up foot made shower. 4 Harley Davidson pull in and after they had settled in I invited myself and my bottle of Powers over for a chat. We had a great evening burgers and bratwursts were shared with me. The midgies were out and we went indoors.

Had a great time. Heading for bed st 12:15 it was bright.

Bjoörn Hartmann

Joachim Poggenburg

Holger Schulze

Frank Husmann

Are the Fat Bob Forum. Nicknames Murder Haxe Holgsr S and Bolten

My house was found on google maps and it had loads of room for them to come camping.

They are on a 4 week tour of Scandinavia and HSE 4K kilometers done so far.

Bright at midnight

2 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Bikers

  1. Well done Michael, you won’t come home. You’ll be like Forest Gump, you’ll keep running… incredible journey. But it must be very cold and wet. The brightness at midnight would be strange too. Stay safe out there, looking forward to the next instalment…


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