A wee snag

Slept like a bomb last night. The campsite was very basic. Got the nice dry tent up just before a heavy shower of rain. There is a beautiful Mountain View from the site. Unfortunately by the time I got around to photo it the clouds had descended.

It rain a lot during the night and it was heavy showers when I woke. I rolled over and slept till nine. No choice in the matter I had to pack up in the rain.

Got all stowed on board and headed off. The roads are great here. Perfect for tipping along at 90k. Even though they are very wet they are grippy. No heroics though. There is no need as the magnitude of the scenery need to be savored. You couldn’t lash along you couldn’t keep it up because of the length of road.

Heading for Sweden I took a farewell photo and then saw a sign saying petrol 1k next one 86k. I wasn’t going to be caught again.

Decided to fill up. It was a self service. One of the chaps helped me. They were tinkering with an all terrain quod. 1000cc bombardier job. Took a few snaps and off I go.

Robin, & Kristoffer

The route 27/322 is awesome. Up over the mountains and the best tarmac surface so far. This road starts following a river through a canyon. It’s a pilgrimage site for St Olaf. The road then climbed up past the trees and into the snow and enters Sweden. Speed can be increased. Left and right bends on and off the throttle for 40k.

Passed a winter ski center and went to fill with petrol in Ostersund. No wallet. A wee snag. I asked the attendant if she could take Apple Pay and she said yes. I filled up and went to pay. No go with Apple Pay. Another wee snag. I explained situation that I left my wallet in the last petrol station and would be back in about 4 hours. There was a bit of a confab and I got a wee docket to produce on the return. It was only 120kr so no big deal.

Back I go 171k up and over the thrilling roads and back to the service station. No one about. It was 7 in the evening.

I called into a house across the road and told the man who answered the door I was in a bit of trouble. He was related to the two lads (I showed the photo) and he asked them. did they see the wallet. No they hadn’t and came back up to the self service to have a look around. No joy. I’m now in big snag country. They give me the address of the local police station to report the loss. No service in the station just a phone pad that was not answering

Rang HQ Beabeg to advise and tried to get in solution mode. I saw a little Hotel and I was going to have to get accommodation to await new cards. With the cooperation if the receptionist in Hotel Verdal and my daughter Hannah they got me into the hotel. Next to report the issue and the police use a call center for the whole region. I make the report and then cancel the cards and order express delivery of a new card to send to the Hotel as the shipping address. Next emergency cash. Audrey Jackson In HQ Beabeg did the business. I have a 30 minute drive to Steinkjer to pick up tomorrow.

I should be well in my way to Stockholm by now.

On the bright side I get to travel St Olaf’s pass again and take stock.

7 thoughts on “A wee snag

  1. Oh dear that was a pain. But won’t stop your enjoyment. You should try and video yourself doing the wet suit jig! I just think it must be so funny. Enjoy Sweden,


  2. Oh dear God Michael, that’s just dreadful. Losing your wallet so far away from home is just the pits! You seem to do a lot of doubling back over your tracks…
    Thank God for HQ and the great staff on 24 hour call. The next time you go you won’t need a map. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day…
    Stay safe out there…


  3. Michael you are lucky you have great staff back @ HQ
    You need an army mantra, “spectacles testicles wallet & watch” comes to mind.
    To be repeated daily morning & evening & @ every petrol stop.
    Festina Lente


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