Hunker down and wait

I am holed up in the Verdal Hotel. Very pleasant little guest house. It’s the Taj Mahal compared to camping.

Got a lovely continental breakfast with 2 soft boiled eggs. Eggs have white shells here.

Task of the day was get cash through Western Union. Used TomTom to find the location in Steinkjer 30k up the road. I was there about 10:30 and presented my ref no. & id. The middle eastern owner couldn’t help me because he had no money and had to wait until he sold some stock from his shop to finance the cash transaction.

Now this presents me with a wee problem. The range in my motorcycle will not take two return journeys to Steinkjer. I decided to wait until the afternoon and see how things develop.

I mooch around till about 2pm. Put oil in the Scotoiler. Looked at my maps and tried to figure out how long it will take to get home. Walked around the town.

Train station in Steinkjer. Only building left standing after the Germans bombed the town in 1940

HQ Beabeg are kept in the loop via WhatsApp. A suggestion from HQ Beabeg was to check up was there a Rotary Club in Verdal. I go to Rotary International web page and find that Rotary Verdal meets in the Hotel I’m staying in. This is a promising suggestion.

It’s a beautiful summer day here. I’m getting very hot. I take off my boots and bike trousers in the car park and remove the lining. The weather here is quite like home. When the sun comes out you’re melting. Wasn’t shot at or arrested for my underwear exhibit.

Got another free coffee from Circle K. I’m definitely in profit now with my souvenir coffee cup.

I get back to my middle eastern friend in the western union and he has the kroner. I’m liquid again.

On the way back to the hotel I see a work shop with motorcycles boats quads and skimobiles. I asked would they tighten my chain. No bother at all. Come around the back and we will sort it out. No charge.

Espen Sandberg & Alf Stavrum

They like motorcycles in Norway. There are loads of them. Lots like me touring. Also the Norwegians love their bikes. I’ve seen 4 people under instruction today.

Back in town I changed out of the bike gear and had a look around the town. Very compact. They’ve got value stores and a large COOP. And a shopping mall.

I get a great idea. It’s really sunny and hot. I’ll drive out the road to a picnic spot and dry out the tent.

Here I meet Hyin and we have a very interesting conversation. I tell him I’m waiting for UPS to deliver my debit card and they’re taking longer than the service level agreements suggested. They should be shot he said. This was his opening and I got his service history for the Norwegian armed services. His father also was in the intelligence services. He spent time on the Russian border. His special skill was with the elite forces and knives. He was an instructor on martial arts and the use of knives. He retired as a second lieutenant. He is a real Viking and is actually a Lapp. He looks great. He tells me he is sixty and still practicing martial arts. He demonstrated and headed off over a wall saying Norwegians always take the short cut.

Hyin means minder

Tent dry and back to the hotel. I make contact with the local Rotary Club for support and fellowship. It’s in their court now.

I’m hunkered down and holed up in Verdal north west Norway. A long way from Beabeg to here. Not feeling well. Have a tummy upset.

3 thoughts on “Hunker down and wait

  1. Today seemed like a more relaxed, restful day Michael. Having no money is not a bad thing, it slows us down and we get the chance to take in the scenery. A few days off is what you need. Rest up and get well soon…


  2. Hope u get a good nites rest and tomorrow gets all sorted. Yeah like Elaine says take time out and enjoy, all works out in the end. Glad u come across so many decent friendly folk … enjoy


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