A walk in the woods

I had a long sleep last night. Hit the scratcher early and slept through the night. I think all the traveling had made me weary and tired. I’m sure all the concentration takes it’s toll on the body.

Today is a day to relax. I had a pleasant breakfast and Mortan starts a conversation with me about all the stuff on the plates and how important it is to eat well. He lives in the United States but hailed from Norway. He said he travels for half the year. He didn’t say what he did only that his 14 year old son lives here and he is visiting him. Have you ever heard of Garrison Keeler. Well this chap reminds me of him and I told him so.


After breakfast I’m heading for Stiklestad. Stiklestad is where in 1040 the Christian King Olaf II overcame a much larger army of heathens who believed in the old Viking gods. Christianity won and the winners write the history. Olaf was made a saint because of this. The hagiography now has created a pilgrimage and its the Norwegian Camino.

Medieval Church build on the site where king Olaf was slain at the battle
Christening font from 1300

They re-enact the battle annually. There is a lovely interpretive centre there. Also a folk village and Viking long houses.

The children dressed up

Madam Twankies laundry
BBQ site

I spent a long time there wandering around and learning new things.

There was a road construction museum. They started with planks over boggy terrain and finish with the fantastic bridges they have built here.

Monument to the road builder

The Viking long houses are modern buildings and there are facilities for groups to stay the night and live like Vikings. Of course there is electric and toilets and showers. Sounds like a great school outing for students.

Martha Borden

The Viking long houses were cool.

Then I headed for


These were Norwegian First World War defenses. There are a north and south gallery which defended the gorge from invasion.

Hut for trekking.
Path to defenses

View of the canyon fro north defenses gallery

Last part of the assent to the defense gallery

Hut for pilgrims

I had a lovely walk and a picnic in the woods.

Pilgrimaged sign

6 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

  1. Sounds like a relaxing day again today Michael. You needed that after all the hassle. Have the new cards arrived yet? What’s the plan once they arrive, is it a homeward journey?


    1. No sign of the card yet. 50:50 tomorrow. I reckon it will be Thursday and is the long haul home. I haven’t figured out a route yet. It’s going to take about 4 days. 3 overnights. I’d love to be home for Sunday.


  2. Warm weather on the way Michael, it should be brighter coming back.
    Looking forward to hearing the full story on your return.


  3. Hope the cards arrive Michael – it must be an awful feeling to know you should throttlin’ on but are stuck and grounded for silly reasons. Keep the faith!


    1. I’m now in my version of “Waiting For Godot”. The rest is good Powers still holding out but on reduced rations. I think it’s Thursday before I’ll get going. No “Key To The Highway” yet


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