Card has arrived

The wait has ended. My debit card has arrived in the mail. I can get back on the road at the crack of dawn if there were a dawn here. It bright all night. I’ll have a good breakfast tomorrow and head for the border. I’ve to go over the mountains an the was to Ostersund. In Sweden. Weather is set for wet up here but as you travel south it’s going to dry off and warm up too.

Street Art in Verdal

This is for Mark Tobin. John rides a bike like yours

Today had a look at a local town, a WWII concentration camp and monastery ruins.

The town is Levanger is is culturally important because of its traditional wooden houses. It is beautiful town on the fjord. The towns seem so calm. No hustle or bustle.

Genocide figures

The condensation camp at Falstadvegen is now a human rights institution. The basement has an exhibition about its use as a camp during the war. They gave me a big iPad and if you walk around outside it shows digital images what the camp looked like when it was in operation. Cool.

Pilgrimage progress

On then to the ruins. The highlight of the day was a “Christian” who was waving flags in praise of Jesus to the music of a Christian rock band. He looked super. I thought he was doing circus tricks. He said people had been praising the lord here for 800 years.

It was a lovely day for it and I think whatever gets you through.

This also part of the pilgrimage walk

When I returned to the hotel my package had been delivered. Yippee. Got it activated and I’m ready for off.

Hotel Manager

Filled with petrol and oil. The XRV took 750 ml of oil. She needed a sup after 5400km. I checked before and she was down a bit but didn’t want to be carrying a half bottle of oil around. Anyway the bike is full and ready for the trip home

8 thoughts on “Card has arrived

  1. Another lovely relaxing day Michael amongst the locals. It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good. You are nice and refreshed for the journey home. Best of luck and hopefully it will be a very pleasant one… stay safe out there…


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