Grum to Kolding

The ferry from Göteborg to Fredrickshavn leaves at 10:30 and arrive at 2:00pm. I was early for the ferry. It was 156km to it and I had no idea what Friday morning traffic was going to be like. Also with the bike overheating I had to make allowances for cooling of if it starts to overheat.

With all that in mind I was 2 hours early for the ferry. Anyway better 2 hours early than 2 minutes late.

Stephan was first for the ferry and I arrived shortly after

Snoozed on the boat read my book and had lunch. Charged the power pack and phone too.

Patric & Annette have a week away from their 4 children. Heading for Mosel I think

It was really hot getting off the boat in contrast to the morning. Setting off at 6:40 I was cold even with the lining in the gear. First job off the boat was get the lining out of the jacket and open all the vents in the jacket.

It was 2:40 before I going. Boy was It was hot too. The ferry traffic had all gone so the road was fairly empty and I was able to settle on my cruising speed of 110kph. It suits the bike and it sits me. No stress although all overtaking and change of lanes need vigilance.

Things went fine for the first hour and then there were road works. As a consequence traffic slowed down to 50kph. I was watching the temperature gauge. There were lots of stop and go situations and congestion due to intersections and traffic merging. The temperature gauge went up a bit. Because I was moving most of the time it managed ok. The high ambient temperature doesn’t help and the bike is running a little hotter than usual.

My house

Travelled 536k today. Landed in Kolding at 6:30 and I am camped in a lovely site run by the Danish camping club.

Great to get the tent up have a shower and a malt. A flock of ducks just wandered into my space. Bed early and I’ll see how I get on tomorrow in the heat.

3 thoughts on “Grum to Kolding

  1. Good luck on the way home Michael. Maybe check coolant level – this time of year plain water a lot better than nothing. Jimmy will sort it out properly when you get home I’m sure. Stay safe Boss.


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