“It won’t be long now” said the cat when its tail was cut off.

“Never say, never again”.  I suppose people are correct and right with that statement.  So I’m going to say I’m taking a break.  The Run Of The Country has had nine, very successful outings and 2019 will be the tenth outing.  Over the years in excess of €93,500 has been raised for two Drogheda charities, Malta Services and St Ita’s Special School.


Unfortunately everything runs its course.  The Run Of The Country has been a marvellous success and it is now time to take stock.

Paul Healy, Kenneth Smith and Joe Swords have been there from the start and have participated in all nine runs to date.  Of course they are booked in for this year’s run. Jimmy Kennedy has completed eight runs and seven runs fo Barry Fay, Brian O’Reilly and Mark Tobin They all make the Select Vesty of the Run Of The Country.  The other 149 rider participants have all done their bit for Drogheda and supporting people with intellectual disabilities.




South of the Dublin Galway line is the only indication of where this year’s Run Of The Country is heading. The run is not crossing the Shannon this year.


Of course there will be mountain roads and plenty of quiet country N roads too.  I’m getting excited.  There are things that need to be done and other matters that need to be fine tuned.

I’m scouting the run in the next few days. There is no point in just looking at a map and doing a desk top exercise. I’m not leaving the details to chance.  The route must be ridden to make sure there are no unforeseen hazards.  The check points need to be sorted out and contact the folks in them to let them know a group of bikers will be passing through on 28th September.


There are still some places left for this year’s run.  Sign up for the best little motorcycle run in Ireland.







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