15 Sleeps to Go

The countdown to this years run is on.  15 more sleeps.  The prizes for the poker run are as follows.

Best Hand: META TRACK.  Tracker system for motorcycle or car with one year subscription included.  Value is €500.

Second Best Hand:   Schubert C3 basic helmet.  Value €300

Third Best Hand:  Set of AVON Trial Riders Tyres Value €275

The poker run prizes are sponsored by Kennedy Motorcycles and Height for Hire.

There are lots of very good spot prizes to be had at the presentation dinner too.

Due to a little bit of attrition there are a coulple of places left.  Accordingly we welcome late entries for the run.

This is the best little motorcycle run in Ireland.  If you are not able to attend the GUARDIAN has published Click here for 100 BEST FILMS of 21st CENTURY

You can watch one of these or get involved and join us.

The Run Of The Country has been awarded a Medal of  Honour from The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, officially the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta as acknowledgement of the fundraising The Run Of The Country has done for the service over the last 5 years.

LP4JWFWdQ6Gw9xZZGPGLsgMichael and his MedalMedal


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