It has been emotional.

I like to do things correctly.  Like, check out the correct spelling of towns and villages to ensure the smooth running of The Run Of The Country.  Despite my best efforts to be correct I was wrong.  Really wrong,  I misled people.  Some riders ended up in Kerry.  I don’t think they were very upset.  … Continue reading It has been emotional.

Cool Martin Caffrey

Magnificent Motorcycle Tour 2017

Martin and Kieran Byrne are twins.  They are identical twins, who disclose their vintage to no one.  Honda Goldwing motorcycles are their passion and they are frequent participants on The Run Of The Country.    This year they surpassed themselves in entertainment value with jokes and stories. On arrival at our accommodation, the Longford Arms … Continue reading Magnificent Motorcycle Tour 2017

Route 2016

In Ireland the weather is probably more important than the news.  If the weather forecast was on before the news, the viewing numbers would halve I reckon. When I was planning the route this year it started in sunny May with Elanine Leavy.  We accompanied Brian Kerr to the Phenoix Park where he was marshalling a … Continue reading Route 2016